Friday, December 4, 2015

Meet "Flexx"

I have been "in the market" for a mini laptop/chromebook type thing for awhile. I missed the portability of writing in a notebook for when I'm away from home, but writing straight onto the computer was faster in the long run. So my solution was to get a mini laptop that I would be more easily be able to bring with me and write away from home. My husband and I stopped at Staples when we were in the area just to look at them and see what was available and what I liked. I also was looking online. I decided I liked the feature of the 2 in 1 tablets having a touchscreen as I've never been a big fan of the track pads.  I originally thought of getting a 10" tablet, but thought the keyboard might be a little small and since the main reason I was getting it was to type on it, I figured going with the 11.6" was a better idea. Since the 11.6" has a keyboard that is 97% of a full size keyboard, it functions basically as a full sized one would. One thing that I have to get used to, however, is that the right "Shift" key is only half the size as normal, so I keep hitting the up arrow instead of the shift!

I ended up getting the Nextbook Flexx 11 from Walmart using the bonus discount my husband got for working on Black Friday. I've been enjoying it and have written more in the last day than I have the whole month of November!