Monday, October 10, 2016

Breathe Writers Conference 2016

This was my 2nd year going to the Breathe Writers Conference. I felt more confident about going for some reason. maybe because I already knew what to expect (as far as location, way it's run, etc.) Last year, I sat down with the list of breakout sessions and pre-planned which ones I wanted to go to. This year, I looked a little, but didn't pin anything down until I was there with the finalized program of events. I didn't sign up for a 1 on 1 as I was going to go through the list of people I could meet with to see who best fit with what I was needing and never got around to doing it! Oops! Last year, they just assigned you with a person and I got Bob Evenhouse. I switched one of the sessions I was going to go to so I'd be able to attend his session before our 1 on 1. This year, I went to Bob's session, too. I wanted to ask him a follow up question, so I found him in the lobby area and asked him.

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