Monday, November 17, 2014

Musing on my Novel

For this month's challenge, I've been writing my story straight onto the computer since it's easier to count the words that way, but I normally write in a spiral bound "1 Subject" notebook. (I have written bits and pieces of "Perfect Love" right into my Word document, but mostly used the notebook.) There is something about actually writing the words to paper that I like.  Plus when I type it up, I use that time to semi-edit, also.  I decided to type up more of the part I'd written before and realized I was typing what I'd written last year during my 'write at least something' challenge for NaNoWriMo!  I only wrote 960 words last year in "Perfect Love" for the whole month!  I did write in another story, "Secondhand Heart" also, so it isn't my total word count for the whole month, but I was happy to see how much better I've been doing this year!  I've typed up 35½ pages (35 front and back, plus one front) and have 22½ left to type up.  Up to the point where I'm needing to enter the handwritten part of the story, I have 16,232 words.  If I average the same number of words per page, then the handwritten part that I haven't typed would come to about 10,287 words.  The rest of the story that I typed straight into Word comes to 9,408.  That means my story is approximately 35,927 words long at this point. When I select all and do 'word count', it counts the **** I have for scene breaks as a word, so it isn't super accurate, but a nice ballpark figure!

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