Thursday, January 8, 2015

My "Workstation"

I don't have an office or special place to write, but I've been using the laptop at the dining room table.  I was having some problems with neck/back strain, so I started evaluating my work area.  The first change I made was to enlarge all my screens to 110% (does that mean I'm getting old?) and put a footstool under the table.  That helped some, but I was still finding myself leaning forward to write or view the screen.  I decided that if the laptop was another 2" or so higher, that would be a big help.  I scrounged around the house to see if I could find anything that would work.  I tried all sorts of lap desks and trays and didn't find anything that worked very well.  Most of them were too tall.  I did some research online to see what was available and saw a few that I thought I'd look into further.  Then I found a "laptop lift".  At first I thought that it would be annoying, but then I realized it would work better than what I was originally thinking of getting.  In the middle of my research, I needed to run to the school to pick up my daughter who hadn't heard that her Odyssey of the Mind meeting had gotten canceled before the bus left.  On the way home, we stopped at one of the thrift stores in town to see if they had something that would work.  I immediately found a Fellowes brand lift!  It looks like an older version, but for $3 I snatched it up!  It is adjustable, so I can change the angle if I want.  So far it seems to really be helping me be able to sit back in the chair and still type comfortably.  I also had gotten a cozy soft blanket at Goodwill last night since the corner I sit in tends to be sort of chilly.  I am all set now to write in comfort!

My workstation with "new" computer lift and cozy blanket

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