Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Word

On the My Book Therapy blog, Beth Vogt encouraged writers to pick one word for the year.

  • Pick one word for 2015. It’s simple to remember one word, right? Focus on that One Word for the entire year. Ask God to use that one word to change you through the year.
  • Anchor your One Word to a Scripture verse. I also look for a “visual” of some sort: a photograph with a quote or a bracelet or necklace with my One Word on it. 

I thought about that and because I really like Isaiah 26:3 I decided to pick "stayed".  It's sort of an odd word, and I had thought some about using "peace" or "trust" but "stayed" portrays more of what I wish for in the coming year.  I need to focus on God and wait on Him.

thefreedictionary defines 'stay' here

Out of them, I liked these definitions the best.

  •  To linger or wait in order to do or experience something: 
  • Archaic To wait for; await: 
  • To brace, support, or prop up 

Synonyms:  lingerremaintarrywait
This hangs on my living room wall.
 I added the verse to a picture my friend Nancy Fikkert took.

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